cloud-enabled restaurant paging system
Mobile application for Managers
Are you a restaurant manager and would like to monitor your facility even when you are away?

getOrder Cloud allows you to see requests in your facility (kitchen, waiter, guests) with your mobile device from anywhere!
Effective pagers for your facility
Employees in your restaurant can be relieved by introducing wireless pagers, while guests will become more satisfied.

Pagers contribute to less delay when replying to guests' requests or when issuing food from the kitchen!
Cloud software
The software that runs on a computer or on your POS manages the functioning of getOrder pagers.

The software allows customization of functioning so that getOrder adapts to your work processes!
Put a stop to the waiting!
The cook lets the waiter know about food that is waiting to be served just by entering the table number!

The guest pages the waiter with a simple button press!
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An innovation
for every role in your restaurant

Management software

remote overview and management of getOrder functionalities

Software is linked to getOrder Cloud web application and allows overview of what is happening in the restaurant in real-time from anywhere.

The software also allows configuration of how pagers work (the waiter can receive only requests from particular areas, or based on their type).

Waiter pager

vibrating reminder for key locations in the restaurant

The pager vibrates on every received request, and displays the table number and color-coded request type (blue bell, green payment, and orange kitchen).

Requests are sorted based on when they were received, and the OK button marks a request as handled (and removes it from other waiter pagers).

Kitchen pager

immediately call the waiter when issuing food

The pager ensures the food won't be cooling when waiting to be issued!

The kitchen staff only needs to type the table number which the food has been prepared for. The waiter receives the table number on the pager!

Table pager

let the guests be notified immediately

The table pager allows guests to immediately request the waiter's presence at the table.

Entirely wireless, with the possibility of customized enclosure finish, and with long battery lifetime!

Manage your restaurant in a modern fashion

getOrder Cloud allows overview of requests in real-time - from anywhere and anytime!
getOrder Cloud application can be accessed by visiting the address using a notebook, tablet or mobile phone!

It allows an overview of requests in your restaurant regardless of where you are located - have an overview of table requests, issued food in the kitchen, and waiter responses in the moment they occur!

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Accesspoint and Software
Waiter pager
Kitchen pager
Table pager
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