A complete solution that will boost your revenue by improving staff productivity and customer service.

Your food may bring guests through the door, but it is your service that keeps them coming back. In fact, 90% of customers who go elsewhere say it is because of the bad experience they had.

getOrder will help you exceed your guests’ expectations.


You will have a more productive and less stressed staff.


Better communication between kitchen and waiters, serving staff, eliminates the need to run back and forth from the kitchen to check if food is ready. It saves time and prevents serving cold food.


It is difficult, especially for less experienced staff, to find the balance between being hasty or looking disinterested and slow. getOrder will ensure that your staff will wait at the table when your guest is ready to make an order.


What gets rewarded gets repeated. Let your staff know you track them, not only for controlling them, but to reward their job, and they will be more effective.

Your guests will keep coming back for more, time and time again... and will tell their friends too.


Your guests can wait, but they need reassurance that their request has been noted. No more eye catching and waving hands for the waiter, just a push on the button. The LED light on the pager shows that the request has been sent, and your guests will know the waiter will come.


Nine out of ten customers won’t take a few minutes to write you a thank you letter for good service, but a lot of them will find time to discredit you and post negative feedback on social media, because the tables were full, the service was slow, and the waiter seemed stressed and distracted. Show your guest you care, not only by giving them good food, but also providing an extra service... and they will recommend your restaurant.

Food is your passion but margins are low, and at the end of the month you have to pay the bills.


Online reservations allow a better management of your resources. Pagers improve workflow, and tracking increases staff productivity. If you have efficient staff, you also need less workforce. By designating your less desirable tables or just the collection of payments to less experienced staff, you can train them and make them a valuable asset for your company.


Based on a survey of 25 million workers, 70% are unhappy and unengaged. If the organisation notes their accomplishments and takes care of them, happiness levels and loyalty rise.


Sometimes, your guest would order a dessert but they just don’t want to waste any more time, so they just request the bill instead. If your guests feel that their needs are being met quickly and when they need it, they will order more.

How it Works


Table Pager

The table pager allows guests to immediately request the waiter's presence at the table by simply pressing a button. Every pager has three color-coded request types (blue to call the waiter, green to request the bill, and red to cancel the previous request).


Kitchen Pager

No more cooling of the food while waiting for the waiter. When the food is ready, the cook enters the table number on the kitchen pager. The waiter receives a notification on the waiter pager, so the food can be delivered right away.


Waiter Pager

The waiter always knows where to be and what to do. After a request, the pager vibrates and displays the table number and color-coded request type (blue and green from the guest and orange from the kitchen). Requests are sorted based on when they were received. When the request is handled, it is removed from other waiter pagers too, so the waiters are always in sync.

getOrder Management Application

You can improve only what you can measure...

getOrder Cloud application allows a complete overview of your restaurant's operations, so you can make your decisions based on real numbers.

  • Online reservations

    Receive bookings 24/7 (even during a busy service or when closed). When your guests navigate to your page they find an online booking form with an availability calendar. They choose the desired time, add comments, and can even pick their favourite table.

  • Staff Management

    Manage which operations your staff will perform. Assign your VIP tables to your best waiters and train your new staff by gradually adding tables and responsibilities.

  • Staff Performance Statistics

    See how your staff performs. Check your waiters' response times and number of tables served. Who should be rewarded and who maybe needs further training? Base your choice on real numbers.

  • Guest Seating & Table Statistics

    Manage your tables, edit your floorplan and keep floors balanced. Learn which are your best tables, set timers and see how long each table has been occupied.

  • Social Network Integration

    It is useless to have a Facebook page if you don’t update it regularly. getOrder will save you time and will keep your guests engaged by automatically posting each day your menu on your Facebook profile.

...in real-time from anywhere!

The food, the service, the little details, everything we do is to make our guests’ experience unforgettable. So when we were proposed to test getOrder, we gave it a try. Our guests liked it. Some of them even complimented the pagers that look great since they are made of wood.

At the beginning, the waiters were a bit sceptical but they quickly changed their minds when they realised the pagers saved them a lot of useless walking from tables to the kitchen to check if the food was ready.

Jovan Savić - Joc
general manager of Restaurant Manna (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
voted the 2015 best gourmet restaurant in Ljubljana

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the table pagers made of plastic?

No. Plastic pagers look cheap. Reflect quality with our wooden pagers. They are made of fine Slovenian beech wood, with the possibility of a customized enclosure finish.

What if the pagers get broken?

The table pagers have a thick scratch-resistant wooden cover, and high-quality ABS plastic is used for kitchen/waiter pagers. Our pagers are tough and durable. In rare cases when they should not work properly, you are covered by a full two year warranty, and we will also provide affordable service after the warranty expires.

How are the pagers powered?

Table pagers come with two AAA non-rechargeable batteries which last for up to 300.000 button presses (approximately two years of usage). Waiter pagers are equipped with two rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries that will work the entire work day (up to 16 hours). The kitchen pager and the accesspoint, which all pagers use to communicate, are stationary powered and don’t run on batteries.

Do I need to train my staff in order to use the getOrder paging system?

The pagers are easy to use and require no special training for your staff. The management app comes with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. You need less than an hour to learn all that you can do with it.

Can the table pager get stolen?

To prevent table pager theft, you can optionally enable a motion detecting alarm by turning on a small switch that is located within the table pager. getOrder Cloud software can, then, detect if the table pager was moved and issue an alarm to the waiters to check the table for possible theft. Unfortunately, turning on the alarm may significantly reduce battery life of the table pager.

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Boost your restaurant's revenue using getOrder.

Improve staff productivity and customer service.

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